Advocacy Planning and Reference Guide

This step-by-step resource for public housing agencies is available here.

Welcome to the World of Advocacy!

It is more important than ever to preserve affordable housing options for families and individuals in need for generations to come. Your agency is impacted every day and in every way by local, state, and federal policy decisions; yet decision makers often have no idea what you do or how you make a difference in your community. The best way to begin making a difference is to build positive relationships and effective advocacy strategies.

In our industry, our primary purpose is to house and serve our residents. Each of us is challenged by a variety of issues. We recognize there is a limited amount of time and resources you will be able devote to advocacy. However, we also recognize that it is critical to elevate what we do and to educate and inform decision makers and the public about the value our housing agencies bring to a community.

This Advocacy Planning Guide contains suggestions for responsible and effective approaches, contributions from top advocacy experts, and examples from the housing advocate community. You will find topics that will help you gain a stronger understanding of all aspects of the advocacy planning process: strategies, tips for developing policy recommendations, messages, and advocacy campaign plans. The tools, ideas, and reference materials are designed to help you develop a plan that can get you from where things are now, to where you hope they will go.

The purpose of the Guide is not for you to try to do everything contained inside. Begin thinking about what you can do – even if it’s just one thing. You are a resource and know about the housing and development needs in your community, as well as the possible solutions that will make a difference.

Whether you’re just getting started with advocacy, or you’ve been at it for years, this Guide is sure to provide some practical tips on how to improve! We encourage you tostrategically engage yourself and your organization on behalf of your community. If you want to make a meaningful difference, you’ll want to consider preparing your own Advocacy Plan. Planning ahead and scheduling some time to educate and inform can make a difference.

Remember, your voice matters.

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