Affordable Housing Accreditation (AHAB) Update

August 30, 2017

At its inception, the Affordable Housing Accreditation Board (AHAB) was created by HAI Group to realize a particular goal; to establish a comprehensive accreditation system that recognizes excellent governance, quality management and best practices in affordable housing programs. Recently HAI Group began the process of transitioning away from AHAB, in order for the company to become its own independent, credible system. Diana McWilliams has joined AHAB as the President and has begun moving the Company in great direction toward operating independently and successfully.

While HAI Group has administratively cut ties with AHAB, they continue to fully support the company as it develops in a variety of other ways. HAI Group has provided staffing assistance, professional expertise, and grant funding to truly help get the initiative off the ground.

Renee Rooker, AHAB Board Chair and Executive Director of Walla Walla Housing Authority (Washington), discussed HAI Group’s current involvement and the transition from where AHAB was to its current state. “The most appropriate move that HAI Group could have made, was this. AHAB could not be a credible system in the accreditation world with the ties to HAI Group and its industry involvement. However, the entire HAI Group team did not simply cut ties and leave AHAB hanging. They have been wonderfully supportive from a process perspective and very helpful to make AHAB’s goals happen.”

The plan is for AHAB to be fully operating independently by the end of the year. President of AHAB, Diana McWilliams also believes this next year for AHAB will be a productive one, and a great step in the right direction. “We have seen a lot of momentum in 2017 so far, and we are really focused on getting our i’s dotted and our t’s crossed, really paying attention to all of the smaller details regarding what the industry needs and what is truly important. AHAB is publishing its first round of standards and guideline and our general accreditation process with industry groups this spring. We are laying the foundation and it’s very exciting.”

Rooker and McWilliams’ goal is to start test sites in the fall and go live January 2018. The vision for AHAB as it moves into the future is to have a good body of accredited agencies that have gone through the process and for AHAB to be a knowledgeable resource for housing agencies. It certainly seems like that vision quickly becoming a reality.

AHAB would like to request your feedback on their draft Standards and Guidelines, please click here to take the survey.