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How to Prepare Your Housing Organization for the Next Cold Snap

Over the next few weeks, most of the country should expect to experience the worst winter has to offer in terms of cold weather. Winter conditions can occur in multiple months, but January is usually the peak for cold and snow. Here are some tips on protecting housing properties during an extended cold snap. Plan ahead for cold weather Know

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Cyber Summer: Prepare Your Affordable Housing Organization for the Financial Fallout of a Cyberattack

The summer season brings with it a unique set of challenges, including extreme heat and powerful storms. Summer is also a time to relax. Guess who won't be taking a vacation? Cybercriminals...because they never rest. When it comes to cyber preventative measures, neither should your affordable housing organization because no industry is safe. Recent attacks on a major oil pipeline

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5 Questions Affordable Housing Providers Should Consider Before Accepting Donated Property

Local municipalities and private owners may offer to donate property to your affordable housing organization. While there are clear advantages to these donations, including the potential to increase housing stock in the area, you should consider several factors before accepting donated property. Property donations aren’t unusual in the affordable housing industry, said Robert Silverman, professor of urban and regional planning

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4 Tips for a Safe and Successful Splash Pad

Recreational water facilities—also known as splash parks, splash pads, spray grounds, wet decks, or spray parks—have gained popularity over the last decade. They’re interactive, non-natural recreational areas where water is sprayed, splashed, or poured onto visitors. Water drains immediately out of the play area instead of accumulating. There's no doubt these recreational areas provide plenty of fun in the sun,

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HAI Group Contributes to ‘Safer and More Secure’ Housing Authority in Connecticut

 Replacing an aging and inadequate security camera system had always been a priority since Phylicia Adams became executive director of Stonington (CT) Housing Authority in 2018. Unfortunately, the project was out of reach because the housing authority lacked funds to replace aging and inadequate cameras at its 17 buildings, spanning nearly nine acres. Adams said her agency experienced several

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HAI Group Claims and Loss Control Guide

At HAI Group, we've made the property and liability claim filing process as simple as possible for you and your organization. This guide provides a detailed explanation of the entire process, from pre-event documentation and post-event loss control to investigations and recordkeeping. Accidents happen--HAI Group is here to help. Pre-event documentation  Preparation is crucial, as the claim filing process begins

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2017 PAHRC Report: How Sustainable Communities Create Resilient People

On Friday, June 2, the Public and Affordable Housing Research Corporation (PAHRC) held its second annual PAHRC Report Forum at The Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Community development professionals gathered to celebrate the launch of the 2017 PAHRC Report: How Sustainable Communities Create Resilient People, to discuss the evidence, and provide suggestions for making communities more

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Ten Things You Should Know About RAD

Didn’t make the November 16 RAD collaborative Washington, DC? Here are ten key takeaways The Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) is a powerful tool for public housing authorities (PHAs), helping to improve properties and address the backlog of deferred maintenance. Like any innovative new tool, however, there are some uncertainties surrounding its use. Here are ten things to know. The Low

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