HAI Group Culture

Life at HAI Group

At HAI Group, we pride ourselves on being customer-centric and also employee-centric. We want to create a workplace that recognizes each individual person for their talents and strengths. We combine passion for our work with a strong focus on our values, social responsibility, and health and wellness.

When entering our doors, you will experience an accepting pro-team atmosphere where employees join forces to not only achieve ways to best serve our Members and their needs, but also to fundraise in fun, creative ways to support our community and a number of charitable causes. Healthy snacks, fitness contests, and wellness programs are just a small glimpse into how employee well-being is part of our culture. Continuous celebrations like employee appreciation day, monthly lunches with the CEO, and holiday parties keeps our spirits and energy high, but our pride even stronger.

We are an insurance company like no other. Come and visit us and you'll see what we're talking about. You'll have to see it to believe it.    

Our STARS Values

    • Service
    • Trust
    • Accountability
    • Respect
    • Sustainability

Learning and Development

We offer our employees a variety of opportunities to professionally develop. With in-house educational offerings pertaining to customer service, the industry we serve, and continuing education classes for those with certifications and designations, we increase access to knowledge and skill attainment. We are an organization who also strongly supports networking and exposure to experts in an employee's given field. We advocate attendance to seminars and workshops around the US.

Tuition Reimbursement

We are also one of the few organizations around that offer tuition reimbursement for both job related and non-job related undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

HAI Group Career Growth

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