About Us


HAI Group serves the public and affordable housing community with special, niche insurance programs as well as other value-added products and services. The Company’s continued growth over the past 25 years and diversification into areas where members have identified needs, demonstrates the Company’s commitment to their more than 1,400 stakeholders. HAI Group is dedicated to providing reliable insurance, and training, in a manner which exceeds expectations. As a Member-owned organization, HAI Group has positioned itself as a recognized leader and expert in the public and affordable housing industry. Headquartered in Cheshire, Connecticut, HAI Group’s membership extends across the United States.

Mission Statement

HAI Group is a member owned organization relentlessly committed to providing reliable insurance solutions, products, and services to the affordable housing community in a manner which exceeds expectations.

Adopted by the Board of Directors December 2, 2016

Vision Statement

To promote the sustainability of affordable housing by being the insurer of choice and providing asset protection, risk mitigation, and other products and services.

Adopted by the Board of Directors December 2, 2016

Company Descriptions

The HAI Group Enterprise is made up of 12 diverse companies in order to best serve our Members. To learn more about each of our individual companies, please click here.


The HAI Group Leadership Team brings a wealth of experience in the insurance industry, with specific expertise in their specialized sectors of the business. Their collective motivation, enthusiasm, and insight, combined with their dedication to HAI Group’s Mission and Vision, makes them uniquely qualified to lead our employees and serve our Members.

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We are supported by a Board of Directors made up of public housing authority executives and outside directors. Our Board keeps our Companies informed of the ever-changing issues that public housing authorities face each year and works with our employees to develop ways that allow HAI Group to partner and support the public housing community.

Media Center

Our Media Center contains all of our latest company news, our charitable efforts and community outreach, our initiatives to help the public housing industry, and our list of upcoming events.

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HAI Group supports housing associations throughout the country. Click here to view our list of supported associations. 

Awards and Contests

Throughout the year, HAI Group hosts various awards and contest to support the enrichment of the lives of children who live in public and affordable housing across the US. The page serves as the central hub for news, information, and deadlines for each of the awards and contests. 

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