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2018 HTVN Course Catalog

Review HTVN training and certifications for 2018, including courses in development & finance, risk management, maintenance, compliance, human resources and more. Select a topic below to view courses, or Download the Catalog »


Being a Certified Housing Professional can drastically improve your effectiveness on the job and give you the in-depth knowledge required to complete your day-to-day tasks. Getting certified has  ever been easier! HTVN is the exclusive online home of Nan McKay and Associates Certifications with a growing list of other industry specific certifications.


Suggested For: Public Housing Managers, Occupancy Specialists, Professionals Seeking Certification

Compliance and Policy

Working within the confines of the law, equality, and fairness is what is best for every housing organization. Our Compliance and Policy courses are aimed at making sure that organizations understand, operate, and remain in compliance. We share exactly what you need to know with easily accessible training content that outlines your rights and responsibilities.


Suggested For: Maintenance Employees and Property Managers, Improving Operating Practices

Development and Finance

Discover innovative ways to improve the impact that your organization is having today. An ever-growing list of performance-based courses will help you recognize opportunity and better define success. Courses range from financial tools to building strategies, all taught by industry leaders and experts.


Suggested For: Executive Management, Developers and Investors, Opportunities in the Marketplace

Human Resources

Learn about important topics in Human Resources (HR) to better understand legal and ethical limits of managing employees. These courses can help you develop a strategy, work through emerging issues, and handle situational events with the help of industry leaders and experts. Remain in compliance and avoid risk by implementing HR strategies in the areas of recruitment, development,
retention, support, and evaluations.


Suggested For: Human Resources Professionals, Annual HR Reviews

Learning Pathways

These overarching courses are designed to guide you along your learning journey. Combining related courses together to give you a more well-rounded level of understanding, these Pathways are great for anyone looking to understand a topic and the best place to start. Learn at your own pace with Learning Pathways.


Suggested For: Maintenance Employees, Group Viewing Sessions, Human Resources Professionals

Maintenance and Operations

With training that can improve your every day organizational needs, the Maintenance and Operations topic area provides an in-depth look at facilities management, maintenance safety, installation, and repairs. Choose from content on Property Management, Inspections, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and working with your residents. These courses are perfect for group viewing sessions and as annual refreshers to ensure that your staff is adhering to best operating practices. For an even more intensive breakdown of our Maintenance and operations content, take advantage of some of our Maintenance Learning Pathways.


Suggested For: Legal Compliance and Housing Regulations

Personal Development

Update your professional development resume with helpful courses to enhance your skill set. These courses incorporate non-housing specific training, taught by experts, to capture the growing needs within your job responsibilities as well as general informative areas to improve your quality of life.


Suggested For: All Housing Professionals, Individual Training Opportunities

Risk Management

Risk prevention can be a lot less costly than responding to real life risks. Help keep your employees and residents safe from the exposure to risk and create risk action plans using our e-Learning materials. Perfect for large group viewing sessions, we’ve included everything from workplace safety and crime prevention, to auto safety and cyber risks. Take preventive action before you have to take corrective actions with our Risk Management learning solutions.


Suggested For: Maintenance Staff and Property Managers, Improving Safety and Risk Mitigation Plans, Employee and Resident Safety