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2019 Housing Impact Report: Trends in Housing Assistance and Who it Serves

In the US, there are 12 million very low-income cost-burdened households that could benefit from housing assistance, but do not receive, according to conservative estimates.

A home that’s made affordable through housing assistance increases stability, improves health and education outcomes, boosts financial security, and can lead to economic mobility for low-income families. Public and Affordable Housing Research Corporation’s annual report, the Housing Impact Report (formerly known as the PAHRC Report), describes the latest research on the impact housing assistance has on families, adults, seniors, and children.

2019 Housing Impact Report
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Strategies to Expand the Stock of Affordable Homes

New Webinar

Register for part two of our Housing Impact Report webinar series, Local Solutions to Increase Affordable Housing, taking place on Wednesday, September 25, 2019 at 2 p.m. EST. We’ll talk to Michael Anderson, director of the Housing Trust Fund Project, and Joseph Bernard, AICP, planning project manager for the city of Minneapolis. These two practitioners are sharing their firsthand experience creating local housing trust funds and updating zoning laws to encourage the development of more affordable housing.

Join us to understand::

  • The impact of local funds in affordable housing development
  • Best practices for creating and administering a local housing trust fund
  • The critical role zoning plays to incentivize (or discourage) affordable housing
  • How communities might go about updating their zoning laws
  • And more!

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