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Download a complete list of the risk courses you can access for free with HAI Group Online Training, or check our some of our most popular courses below.

Crime Prevention in Housing

This course looks at crime statistics, providing theories about why it occurs, and explains what actions can be taken to help prevent crime in your agency.

Duration: 10 Minutes.

Auto Safety - Safe Driving is No Accident

This course identifies the major causes of accidents, risks, associated costs, as well as the principles of auto safety.

Duration: 1 Hour 15 Minutes.

Cyber Risk

This course provides an overview of cyber risk, defines data breaches, and identifies the top security risks faced by your organization, as well as the associated liability.

Duration: 1 Hour.

Sensitivity Awareness

This course provides an increased awareness about the unique opportunities and challenges involved in working with others. Topics covered include self-awareness, self-monitoring and perception, emotions, listening skills, and receiving and giving feedback.

Duration: 34 Minutes.

Working with Contractors: Identifying and Reducing Risk

This course provides housing agencies assistance in their defense against liability when working with contractors. It will examine the major areas of exposure, how best to mitigate damages on your property that may result in legal proceedings, and the requirements set forth by HUD on working with contractors.

Duration: 1 Hour.

Water Damage Prevention 

This course will familiarize facilities managers and administrators with the basics of water damage prevention by discussing construction methods, construction materials, building maintenance and inspection, and response to water damage and flooding.

Duration: 28 Minutes.

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