Lifting people out of poverty is within our reach. And it all starts with a stable home. PAHRC’s newest research report, “HOUSING IS A FOUNDATION,” explores why, and what we can do to help now.
PAHRC Report Highligts
A stable home is an important predictor of a person’s quality of life. But for many, a decent home is increasingly unaffordable. Watch this short video to learn who rental assistance helps and why it is critical to our economic future.
PAHRC Report - 2016 Event
Fix housing and you can fix many of society’s larger ills, says Dr. Mark Joseph. Watch as he and Dr. Amy Khare discuss what makes a successful mixed-income development, and why community engagement matters.
The Education Boost
The Education Boost: Lifting Families Out of Poverty estimates the value that improvements in education can have on positive exits from rental assistance, describes the barriers to low-income individuals face attending college, and investigates the gaps in educational attainment between rent-assisted households and low-income unassisted renters.


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