Research Reports

PAHRC produces a number of yearly research reports that examine key themes in affordable housing and provide updated statistics on the supply of housing assistance, those receiving assistance, and the impacts on residents and communities.

Housing Impact Report (PAHRC Report)

The annual Housing Impact Report (formerly the PAHRC Report) is a comprehensive source for research and statistics on assisted housing. Produced each year with updated statistics on those receiving housing assistance and the impact of affordable housing, the Report’s purpose is to foster a better understanding of the need for housing assistance and how this assistance meets the needs of low income families and their communities.

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MTW Research

PAHRC has worked closely with MTW agencies and other research institutions to produce a series of reports on the Moving to Work (MTW) program. As America’s Housing Policy Lab, the MTW program provides many avenues to study how housing can impact people and communities.

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Other Projects

PAHRC is engaged in a number of research projects and research collaborations on topics important in demonstrating the impact of affordable housing.

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Research Spotlights

PAHRC’s research spotlights are a detailed look at a current issue in affordable housing. These reports use advanced analyses to answer questions about housing assistance and its impact.

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