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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps of the Resident Scholarship Program process?
There are four main steps in the Resident Scholarship Program process which include:

  • Step 1: Application –Each potential winner is to submit their Entry Form to Housing Authority Insurance, Inc. (“The Sponsor”) and all required documents by the deadline of the Scholarship Entry Period
  • Step 2: Selection – All entries and documentation will be reviewed to ensure all information has been provided. Entrants who have provided complete applications will be considered. We use an electronic random number generator to generate a list of numbers. We also download all entries and randomly assign a number to each entry. Then, using the list of 12 numbers, we identify the 12 corresponding entries. If somebody from this list does not meet our criteria, we will continue to go through the list of randomized numbers until we have a list of 12 entries that meet our criteria
  • Step 3: Notification – All 12 entries will be notified via e-mail by the Sponsor to be informed that they have been selected as a potential winner. At this time, the Sponsor may request additional required information from the potential winner such as a Proof of Enrollment Form and W-9 Form from the potential winner’s school. If a potential winner cannot be contacted for any reason or fails to return completed documents or other information requested within the required timeframe, it will be deemed that potential winner has rejected the prize, and the Sponsor will select a new potential winner by drawing
  • Step 4: Award and Payment – If the required document(s) is received within the specified timeframe, the resident selected will become an official winner of the scholarship. Payment will be sent from Housing Authority Insurance, Inc. directly to the college, university, or technical school and are deposited into an F.B.O. (For the Benefit Of) Account for the student. Once all 12 official winners are confirmed, all applicants of the Resident Scholarship Program that were not selected will be contacted via e-mail

Do I need to complete a new Entry Form every year?
Yes, you must complete a new entry form for each year you apply for the scholarship.

Am I limited to winning one scholarship?
You are limited to winning one scholarship per year. However, if you are awarded the scholarship, you are welcome to reapply for the scholarship the following year, and for each year that you attend school. There is an opportunity for scholarship winners to win the award for up to four consecutive years!

Do I need a letter from my housing agency confirming my residency?
Yes, a Proof of Residency Form is a required document that must be provided when submitting your Entry Form and other required documentation during the Scholarship Entry Period.

What other required information is needed to be submitted with the Entry Form?
The person applying for the scholarship must provide their contact information, the name of their housing agency, the type of agency it is, a signed Affidavit by the applicant or the applicant’s guardian, and a professional headshot or photo of the applicant. A Proof of Enrollment Form and W-9 Form will also need to be provided by the school which may be submitted with the Entry Form if the applicant has it available or it may be submitted at a later date. We encourage each applicant to provide these forms with the Entry Form if available.

What file format do I need to provide for my photo submission?
A professional looking headshot or photo of the resident applying for the scholarship must be uploaded as part of the application process during Scholarship Entry Period outlined on page one. The photo must be in JPG or PNG format. Please note, social media images and filters are discouraged.

What types of continuing education does the scholarship award support?
You must be attending an accredited and/or licensed technical school or accredited two or four-year college or university in the United States in the fall of the current year.

If awarded, what can the scholarship money be used for?
The scholarship money may be used for the award recipient’s tuition, school supplies, and books and these items must be purchased directly through the school.

If funds are left over, can the balance of the scholarship be refunded to me?
Unfortunately, the school cannot distribute the funds to the recipient personally. HAI Group’s goal is to help advance your education. Any balance may be made payable to by the school to HAI, Inc. and mailed to:

Attn: Event Manager
HAI Group
189 Commerce Court
Cheshire, CT 06410

Where can I find out more about the Resident Scholarship Program?
HAI Group maintains a website which has all of the details about the scholarship program.