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Alisha Sanders, MPAff, is the Director of Housing and Services Policy Research at LeadingAge. Her work focuses on identifying, evaluating and advancing strategies and policies to link affordable housing settings with health and supportive services to enable lower-income older adults to address their care needs, maintain their quality of life and successfully age in their home and community. Prior to joining LeadingAge, she was the Associate Director of Public Policy for Aging Services of California where she advocated for improved affordable housing opportunities for California’s lower-income seniors. Alisha has also worked in a number of other affordable housing-related issue areas, including homelessness, inclusionary zoning and predatory lending. Alisha holds a Master in Public Affairs from the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas.

Presentation Overview

Presentation (45 minutes):

The goal of the presentation is to show how housing providers can create or further health innovations at their properties.
– High Level Topics:

  • Health innovations for housing properties
  • Assessing resident needs
  • Discovering internal assets
  • Finding local partners
  • Crafting innovative health partnerships

Activity (45 minutes):

Following the presentation, the presenter will go right into an activity. The goal of the activity is for housing providers to develop a plan for health innovations that they can take back to their housing agencies which includes:

  • Partnership and Assessment Toolkits
  • Worksheet Brainstorm (where they are and where they want to be)
  • Open Discussion/Collaborative
  • What innovations are they working on or seen
  • Next Steps
  • Questions

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