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Risk Management is critical to establishing your housing agency as a well-managed housing facility. Our Risk Control and Consulting Team has the real-world experience to help keep your properties, residents, and employees safe.

Members Enjoy Anytime Access

As a Member of HAI Group, you have access to a wealth of resources designed to help you achieve your risk management goals. These include training – both online and on-site – as well as a variety of information in PDF format for downloading and printing. Here is a sample of our member-exclusive Risk Control Manual.

Risk Management Center

Features and Benefits of our Risk Control Services

  • Control and reduce accidents, injuries, and property damage
  • Develop and maintain successful risk control programs
  • Online risk management, maintenance, and wellness training at no cost
  • On‐site surveys to identify unsafe conditions and program deficiencies
  • Standard or customized on‐site training programs
  • Support, reports, and reviews of accident and claims as requested
  • Assistance in the development and running of safety committees to improve the safety culture, programs and procedures that reduce risk of injury to persons and loss to property
  • Training for hazard awareness and program deficiencies
  • Accident trend identification to implement corrective measures to reduce recurrences
  • Resources to improve self‐inspections and accident investigations