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Allan da Costa Pinto is a Cloud Solutions Architect on a team that has a charter to work with clients who have an urgent, innovation agenda. Their team is an investment in their clients’ success; they work on transformative projects that leverage the services and the smarts of Microsoft Azure – Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, IOT, and more! Allan aspires to be a force multiplier for good; and hopes to show you how at The Summit.

Allan considers himself very lucky to work for Microsoft and live amongst his clients – helping them to move their businesses forward through software. Yes, to Allan, software is truly magical! He helps his clients digitally transform their businesses through the power of the cloud. Microsoft’s clients range from startups to the largest enterprises – each one looking to empower their employees, engage their customers, transform their products, and optimize their operations – and do it faster than the competition or risk being disrupted.

A good day for Allan is when he’s helped a client or a co-worker, solved a difficult problem, and/or learned something new.

Presentation Overview

Presentation (45 minutes): Digital Transformation for Housing Providers

The goal of the presentation is to showcase the art of possible. Using various innovations in technology, the Learning Track will show how housing providers can create solutions to some of their biggest road blocks or most pressing issues at their properties.

Ever wanted to “work less but do more?” Then this Learning Track is for you. We will showcase a set of enabling technologies that can automate business processes and create business apps using skills from PowerPoint (drag and drop, point and click)!

Ever need to create automated systems to answer questions on social networks and via mobile phones? Ever needed to create an automated workflow and didn’t want to wait for someone to build a computer program for it? Or synchronize data between apps and services without having to write code? This Learning Track is all about giving you an amazing set of tools to do just this! We’ll also peek into the future of artificial intelligence and how we could start using some of these technologies today in our Digital Transformation.

Activity (45 minutes): Hands on with Digital Transformation

Following the presentation, the presenter will go right into an activity. The goal of the activity is for housing providers to actively enable their Digital Transformation by turning their business expertise into easily accessible solutions and give their people what they need to drive results.Using your mobile phone or tablet we will:

  • Build our first workflow to automate the sending of an e-mail when there is a social mention on Twitter
  • Build our first mobile app – using text and images from our favorite housing website
  • Build an automated bot to answer questions on social networks using artificial intelligence (in about 5 minutes!)

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