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Evaluating a Development Project?

We can help.

Introducing the Financial Feasibility Assessment (FFA).

If you need to understand whether your development project will pencil out, you can count on HAI Group’s analysis to provide the answer. Simply send us a few pieces of financial data, and within 30 days, you’ll receive enough information to confidently move forward, including various pro forma scenarios complete with:

  • Operating expenses, sources, and uses
  • A preliminary operating and development budget
  • Cash flows
  • A comparison of 4 percent and 9 percent development project execution
  • More!

Need us to dig deeper? No problem! We can provide a scoring analysis report comparing competitive soft-funding resources against 4 and 9 percent credits, a summary of feedback from your state’s financing housing agency, and term sheets from at least two lenders.

Stretch Your Budget

HAI Group recognizes that budgets are tight, so we’ve priced the FFA accordingly. If the report shows that your project isn’t financially feasible, you pay only for the preliminary assessment.

Even better? If you’re a member of HARRG or HAPI, you may be able to use your equity dividends to cover the cost of the report, so you can save your capital for other worthy projects. Contact us to learn more. ‘

Why Use the Financial Feasibility Assessment?

  • Quickly determine whether your development project makes financial sense
  • Handle overflow volume without adding to your headcount
  • Gain capacity and reduce delays when demand spikes
  • Pay only for what you need.
  • Your equity dividends may cover the cost.

Call us today to get started.

Jeff Weslow
800.873.0242, ext. 213