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PAHRC works to provide additional resources and connection points to advocates, researchers, and housing and community development practitioners.  Click the tabs below to read more.

Impact Study Database

PAHRC has compiled a database of research studies and literature reviews that investigate the impact of housing on individuals and communities. For each study, information is collected on the title, abstract, journal/publishing organization, publication date, and author. The database is separated into three sheets:

  • Affordable Housing Studies: Research on the impact of public and affordable housing on residents and communities.
  • Literature Reviews: Literature reviews on the impact of housing on residents and communities.
  • General Housing Studies: Research on the impact of housing in general on residents and communities.

Studies are tagged by subject matter: the impact of housing on health, homelessness, housing quality, education, stability, economy, energy efficiency, self-sufficiency, food security, employment, spending, crime, public assistance, fair housing, cost burden, inclusionary zoning, property values, overcrowding, income, and neighborhood quality. The database can be downloaded here

Advocacy Guide

It is more important than ever to preserve affordable housing options for families and individuals in need for generations to come. Help elevate the discussion by educating and informing decision makers and others about the value that affordable housing brings to a community.

To help advocates get started, the Advocacy Planning and Reference Guide is available for download at no charge. This Guide was developed by HAI Group, with the support of the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) and the Public Housing Authorities Directors Association (PHADA). The Guide explains all aspects of the advocacy planning process, including building relationships, developing messages, and reference materials to help build an advocacy plan. 

ReThink: Why Housing Matters

By creating awareness for, and inspiring people to learn about, public housing, this initiative encourages the public to realize the benefits that public housing offers individuals as well as the greater community through visual storytelling. Retweeting or sharing stories or videos from the ReThink: Why Housing Matters website is a great first step to positively impact impressions and dispel myths about affordable housing.  Visit for more information.

Check Out - Our Journey Home

“Our Journey Home” is a documentary focused on the common belief that everyone deserves a safe and stable place to call home.

It examines the role we all play in supporting those who struggle in having a stable place from where they can grow and dream. Narrated by Jewel and produced by Emmy award-winning film company, Stillmotion, “Our Journey Home” follows the stories of three families and shares how their relationship to home has shaped them as they strive to support their families, further their education and careers, and give back to their communities.