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Support HAI Group’s Independent Research Center

Our Research Center strives to be the nexus for current data and research on public and affordable housing. The research is used to support the efforts of affordable housing stakeholders and to enhance the quality of life for low income families.

Your financial assistance helps to provide evidence that housing is a crucial pathway to economic mobility and to raise this issue in the national conversation on affordable housing policy. It also helps to put crucial data in the hands of local housing providers, advocates, and decision-makers. With your support, HAI Group’s Independent Research Center can do more! Please consider supporting our research and free data products. 

Our Impact So Far:

  • Our reports reach 10,000 policymakers, researchers, advocates, and housing providers.
  • Our average social media post garners 20,000 impressions.
  • Our features in nationally recognized news media have reached more than three million people.
  • Our work has been cited in helping to pass legislation.

With Your Support, We Can Increase Our Impact:

  • Produce new research
  • Expand current research 
  • Offer new data tools 
  • Expand current data tools
  • Bring together stakeholders 
  • Reach more decision-makers
  • Raise the national conversation about why housing matter