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Exploring How Affordable Housing Drives Sustainability for People and Places

Affordable housing is the starting point for building sustainable communities that are poised to provide for residents now and into the future. It impacts the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of places, and is critical in building individual resiliency. The 2017 PAHRC Report Forum will bring together a group of experts in community development to discuss the evidence and provide suggestions for making communities more sustainable with a focus on lifting families out of poverty.

The PAHRC Report Forum is an annual event that brings together affordable housing and community development stakeholders, including low-income residents, to discuss the need for and the impact of affordable housing on individuals and communities. This event is coordinated with the release of the annual PAHRC Report, which is the only annual publication providing current data on the need for affordable housing, trends in families receiving publicly supported housing, and trends in the inventory of publicly supported housing.

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Registration for The Summit is free for all Board of Directors and Committee Members, along with all meals provided during the event. All costs related to airfare, lodging, and travel will be reimbursed in accordance with the HAI Group Board of Directors and Committee Member Travel Reimbursement Policy. Following the event, please submit your reimbursement form and all itemized receipts to governance@housingcenter.com. For any questions on your reimbursement, please contact Trevor Horn, 1-800-873-0242 ext. 411.