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Massachusetts joins Michigan and Washington in providing housing assistance to homeless community-college students. A 2017 study concluded that 46 percent of community-college students in the U.S. are “housing insecure.”

HUD terminated its contract with a Hartford complex over "the owner's failure to remedy major threats to health and safety at the property." The action stems from a three-month investigation by NBC News.

Fannie Mae doubled its maximum loan amount to $6 million for small multifamily mortgages. The goal is to “provide more capital and liquidity to the small-loan marketplace and help address the significant affordable workforce housing supply issues,” a Fannie Mae official said. Find lender-memo details here.

HUD cites 2018 accomplishments. Reverse mortgage adjustments, disaster relief, and community reinvestment are among the highlights.

The Minneapolis-St. Paul region is losing more affordable housing than it is building, according to a study by a regional policy-making board.

Freddie Mac’s new non-LIHTC loans are creating quite a buzz among developers of workforce and affordable housing. Find details about Non-LIHTC Forward here.

An apartment complex to be built from shipping containers is the “bleeding edge” of affordable housing. Analysts do not agree whether shipping-container housing is affordable. Here’s a gallery of proposed projects.

One to smile about—Washington DC nonprofits set aside small parcels to preserve trees.


A quarter of U.S. residents living in poverty do not receive support from any of the federal government’s safety net programs, according to an Urban Institute study. Five key learnings from the study are here.

A study by a financial-stability advocacy group concludes that 40 percent of American households are “liquid asset poor,” meaning they don’t have enough savings to “make ends meet at the poverty level for three months if their income was interrupted.”


Nearly half of affordable housing tax credits issued in Ohio between 2016 and 2018 were for projects classified as suburban—“places where it historically hasn’t been.” One factor cited by experts: average monthly rents and home prices have boomed, but wage growth hasn’t. Here’s why investors should pay attention.

Economists fear a lack of housing—especially affordable housing—in the country’s most innovative cities means unskilled workers are unable to access good jobs, costing the economy a “huge amount in lost productivity.”

Around Housing

New York City Housing Authority accepts federal monitor, commits $2.2 billion for repairs, avoids HUD takeover … Four U.S. cities will receive $108.9 million under HUD’s Choice Neighborhoods Initiative: Cincinnati, San Antonio, Seattle, and Tampa … Indianapolis fund ties $15 million housing development loans to transit stops … St. Petersburg housing authority bills critical commissioner $900 for copies of authority documents … Lawyers for residents were paid $8.5 million in decades-long discrimination case against Chicago Housing Authority … Waitlist for housing vouchers up 172 percent in post-Harvey Beaumont, TX.

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Does Governor Newsom have a workable plan to solve California’s housing problem?

Did You Know?

New research from the Public and Affordable Housing Research Corporation (PAHRC) finds that most residents in publically supported homes who can work are, but they’re employed in our lowest-wage jobs and need training and childcare to access better-paying jobs.

Did you know?