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For the first time, you can earn a CHAM Asset Management Specialist certification online! We've partnered with CHAM to offer the full curriculum through our online training platform. There are only three courses required to become a CHAM Asset Management Specialist (AMS):

  • Part One: Nuts and Bolts of Asset Management
  • Part Two: Asset Management Fundamentals
  • Part Three: Financial Fundamentals for Asset Managers

Boost your affordable housing asset management knowledge by earning this prestigious certification.

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"The field of asset management draws upon many disciplines, including property management, finance, policy and planning, and resident services. CHAM's training courses allow people with experience in any one of these disciplines to enter the field and complement their knowledge of affordable housing asset management. The courses have been a great tool to helping us develop our talent pool—CHAM's solid training produces well-rounded asset managers”

– Sonya Prear, Vice President, Asset Management, CAHEC, and CHAM Board Member

"The courses I took to earn my CHAM certification were extremely enlightening and interactive, and I was able to use what I learned in my everyday asset management role. What's more, prospective employers were impressed with the CHAM certification, which has definitely helped propel my career.”

– Alicia Bramble, CEO and Founder of Opportunity Real Estate Services