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Welcome! Thanks for taking the time to help us comply with your state’s regulatory requirements.

Certain states, including Colorado, require consent by a “party” (the recipient of a notice or document)—in this case, your housing agency—to receive insurance notices or documents by electronic means. “Electronic means” could include delivery by email or a web site where you can access notices or documents.

You have the right to receive notices or documents in paper form. (Receiving notices or documents in paper form does not come with any additional conditions.) You also have the option to withdraw consent to receive notices and documents electronically at any time.

The hardware and software you use to receive notices and documents by electronic means must be able to:

  • Receive emails with attachments;
  • Allow the download of the attached document; and,
  • Open or read the attached document, which will be in PDF format. (Adobe PDF Reader or software that can read PDF files will suffice.)

Use the button below to confirm or deny consent to receive notices and documents electronically, or to change your selection if you have previously provided consent.

Questions? Contact your account representative by clicking the button below.

View the Colorado statute that outlines an insurer’s requirements when sending notices and documents electronically.