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Hurricanes. Supplier delays. Protests. COVID-19. There are many reasons running a housing organization is particularly challenging right now. It’s important to note that these challenges, although they’re out of your control, may impact your insurance. For example, we’re seeing more and more stalled or abandoned construction projects, which not only cause headaches for your organization, but also impact your coverage. As with any challenge you’re experiencing, communication with you HAI Group account representative is critical, since he or she can advocate on your behalf if we know what you’re facing.

If you anticipate or are experiencing a construction delay, here’s what you can do.

1.) Let us know about your changes in your project’s status. As soon as you know that your project may be delayed, give your HAI Group account representative a call. We’ll inform your carrier about changes in your schedules so we can proactively figure out the best way to proceed. Be sure to keep track of cleaning expenses, copies of government notices regarding shutdowns, and any infections related to the novel coronavirus that are impacting your project, since carriers are looking for more project-related details than they typically ask for.

2.) Tell us about any protections you’ve put in place. Risk mitigation measures that you’ve installed to protect the property, such as security cameras, lighting, and fencing are important factors that can help us negotiate on your behalf.

3.) Review your policy. Check to see how your policy is worded—or contact us and we can review it together. Are there stipulations related to delays that may affect your coverage? If so we can strategize a way to address these issues.

Bottom Line
These are unprecedented times. We’re in a rapidly evolving situation with multiple contributing factors, which means there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to running your organization—or protecting your assets. As always, HAI Group stands at the ready to help you navigate your way through. We’re in this together.