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Beat the Blaze

Fire Safety Learning Game

Play Beat the Blaze to help increase your awareness of fire safety. Click here to download our Strategy Guide, offering tips for effectively using this game at your organization

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Toolbox Talks

Toolbox talks are designed to be short conversations that may be added to weekly maintenance meetings, safety committee meetings or staff meetings. Fire safety topics include:

  • Carbon Monoxide Safety
  • Fire Scene Investigations
  • Kids and Matches

Seeing Through the Smoke


Watch this webinar, presented by senior risk control consultant and career fire fighter, Nick Mayo, to learn best practices so you are prepared before a fire occurs, and know what you’ll need to do in the hours, days, and weeks after.

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Online Training

As a member of HAI Group, you have access to a wide variety of risk management courses through HTVN, HAI Group’s online training. Fire safety topics include:

  • Preventing Cooking Fires
  • Kitchen Fire Safety – Informative Short
  • Kids and Matches

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Risk Management Center?

For more information, contact:

Elizabeth Owens
Director, Risk Control and Consulting
800-873-0242, ext. 228