Help Section

How to create an account

Go to Please enter all information requested. It is important that your e-mail address is correct as this will be your username to login to the site. Your user dashboard will be located on the left side of the site. This will provide you access to your account specific information and resources.

How to report a Claim

In the event that you need to report a Claim you can do so by clicking Report a Claim and follow the process.

How to access the Risk Managment Center

Login to your account. Within your user dashboard simply click on Risk Management Center.

How to request access to the Community Reporting Tool

If you are a Member and would like to gain access to the tool, contact us here with your name, e-mail, housing agency, position, and phone number. Once you have registered, your regular member log-in will provide access to the tool via your user dashboard.

How to manage my e-mails

You can manage e-mail communications options from HAI Group by selecting "Manage Opt-Ins" from the "My Profile" link.