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The Housing Development—Practitioners’ View web series offers you the latest insights into housing development from leading practitioners.

This monthly web series explores the development life-cycle and offers you the chance to speak with experienced practitioners about best practices. Explore the multi-faceted world of housing development and gain a better understanding of the development life-cycle as well as the strategies and tools you can use in your own implementation.

Meet the Practitioners

Mike Austin

Chief Executive Officer
Macon-Bibb County Housing Authority

David A. Northern, Sr.

Chief Executive Officer
Housing Authority of Champaign County

Christine Hart

Former Executive Office
Brattleboro Housing Partnerships

Rebecca Shaaf

Senior Vice President of Energy
Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF)

Mark Jackson

Vice President
Community Housing Partners Energy Solutions

Keely Stater, PhD.

Public and Affordable Housing Research Corporation


Lily Gray

National Development Council

Celia Smoot

Vice President
National Affordable Housing Trust

James Harbison

Executive Director
Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency

Watch the first season now!

Episode 1 - Strategy Part 1 - Evaluating Portfolio

Listen to the Podcast 

Episode 2 - Strategy Part 2 - Funding & Conversion Toolbox

Listen to the Podcast

Episode 3 - Strategy Part 3 - Changes to Consider

Listen to the Podcast

Episode 4 - Energy

Listen to the Podcast

Episode 5 - Feasibility and Viability Part 1

Listen to the Podcast

Episode 6 - Feasibility and Viability Part 2

Listen to the Podcast

Episode 7 - Feasibility and Viability Part 3

Listen to the Podcast