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2017 HTVN Learner of the Year

Shari Riddick
Enfield Housing Authority (CT)

Shari Riddick


Runner- Up for Learner of The Year:

  • Julie Sanderson, Rutland Housing Authority (VT)
  • Tamika Baskin, Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MN)

Shari has taken learning to the next level by becoming a champion for her organization’s success. Whether on her office break or at home, Shari’s growth through professional development has helped throughout her transition from a program coordinator into a managerial position. She has earned her Housing Choice Voucher Specialist, Fair Housing, and Housing Quality Standards certifications, and amassed an astounding transcript of 75 completed HTVN courses!

Her work has had a positive impact on her organization’s sustainability projects as well as their work to rehabilitate several sites. Shari has also been instrumental in a newfound partnership between her organization and a Veterans Affairs facility, with the aim of establishing a Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) program.

She has also worked to transition staff into new job responsibilities and facilitates internal department training: “I enjoy seeing their enthusiasm for their new job duties,” Shari said. “I believe the change has offered something new to them while allowing us to retain them as employees.”

Shari will be graduating in June with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and plans on helping her organization further their goal of investing in new housing opportunities.

Our two runner-ups for this year’s Learner of the Year award have also shown an enthusiastic attitude towards professional development with online learning.

Shortly after her promotion to an Assistant Property Manager position, it was the Public Housing Management Certification (PHM) course that helped Julie Sanderson fill in for a Property Manager position and adapt to her new role at the Rutland Housing Authority (VT). “Once she invested into her training and became aware of the finer details of PHM, you could see her confidence get a boost, and with that administrative confidence in her, our team was better as a result,” said her award nominator, Barbara Richardson.

Julie shared a course with us that has had a significant impact on her role as of late, Solving Difficult Resident Situations. “It is so important for residents to know that the housing authority staff is there to help them resolve issues and to alleviate their concerns,” said Julie. “This course has helped me accomplish that goal across many different situations.”

Starting off as a receptionist at the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA), runner-up Tamika Baskin has seen an 18-year voyage as a housing professional recently culminate in her promotion as Regional Property Manager at the MPHA. Her commitment to learning has played a significant part in helping her grow: “When you focus on learning more, you find the purpose to do more and to do it better. I want to be able to make an impact that contributes to the longevity of affordable and low-income housing.”

Tamika’s nominator for this award, Leora Effinger-Weintraub, HR Coordinator, believes it is Tamika’s commitment to her development along with experience that has led to her success: “It makes her one of our most skilled up-and-coming managers at the Minneapolis PHA. She has become our de facto HTVN ambassador, and she continues to train and develop herself year after year.”

Congratulations to this year’s Learner of the Year, Shari Riddick, as well as our two finalists Julie Sanderson and Tamika Baskin, and to all of the applicants. Your encouraging efforts are an inspiration for housing professionals across the country and as we all strive towards a common goal of protecting the sustainability of affordable housing for our communities.

Our very best,

The HTVN Team