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A valuable benefit of HAI Group membership is term life insurance available to full-time employees, executive director, and commissioners at no cost. The next official enrollment period will occur in January 2018. Housing agencies who are eligible and have not yet enrolled employees will have the opportunity to do so at by filling out and returning a census form to membershipbenefit@knology.net or fax to 706-855-0590.

The information requested on the census form includes name, gender, date of birth, date of hire, and beneficiary. Housing agencies already enrolled can simply update their current census form with any additions, deletions, or changes. If there are no changes, no further action is required. If your housing agency does not enroll during the open enrollments period, the coverage will not be available.

To assist you, we have compiled below the top ten facts every member needs know. You may download this information as a fact sheet here.

  1. The term life policy is written with UNUM and the policyholder is Housing Authority Insurance, Inc.
  2. In order for a housing agency to qualify as an eligible Member, the agency must maintain membership with Housing Authority Insurance, Inc.
  3. Eligible individuals include housing agency commissioners, executive directors, and full-time employees of the housing agency who are in good standing and are US citizens.
  4. Individuals who are ineligible include volunteers, interns, temporary employees, seasonal employees, and leased employees.
  5. The basic limit of term life insurance is $5,000 for the insured person. At age 65, the amount reduces to $3,250 and at age 70 the amount reduces to $2,500.
  6. All new commissioners, executive directors, and full-time employees must be enrolled within 30 days of employment.
  7. If the agency misses the 30-day requirement period, the open enrollment period begins each January. A communication will be sent to all eligible members explaining the process.
  8. An insured can designate multiple beneficiaries or change beneficiaries by designating a percentage after each beneficiaries name on the current census or by submitting an updated census noting the change in beneficiary.
  9. Once enrolled, HAI Group will provide your housing agency with a Certificate of Insurance showing all coverage details.
  10. For questions or to report a claim, contact Jones & Blanchard, our insurance broker. Gary P. Jones, CLU or Russell E. Blanchard III, CLU, are available to assist you and can be reached at 888-531-4303.


For a print version of these top ten facts, please click here.

Keep an eye out for a communication from HAIGroupCommunications@housingcenter.com announcing the open enrollment dates sometime in December. In the interim, if there are any questions, please contact Kimberly Tompkins.