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Welcome to HAI Group!

See what it's like to work here!

Learn why customer service is so important to us.

First Month Essentials

Training Assignments 

Download this checklist of your HR-required online training assignments.

Getting Started Manual 

This manual includes instructions and tips for getting acclimated to our organization.

HAI Group Hacks

This manual offers an overview of all things HAI Group, from our company structure to industry terminology.

Organization Structure

See a birds eye view of our organization's structure and learn about each department's role.

HAI Group Companies

Everything you need to know about our many companies under the HAI Group umbrella.

Industry Publications

Explore these publications to learn more about affordable housing and the insurance industry.

Additional Resources

Style Guide

Refer to this guide to help us present consistent, on-brand content.

Contact your HR onboarding liaison, Ariana Parker, with any questions.

Direct: 800-873-0242, ext. 353
Email: aparker@housingcenter.com