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Cheyenne Antoine

Housing Authority of the City of Danbury, CT

St. John's University
Major: Accounting/Risk and Financial Advisory

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"For the past two years, I have been blessed with receiving a scholarship award from HAI Group. This scholarship has helped with my education by allowing me to continue attending my university. Tuition increases every school year, and I often worry about how I will attend, but the scholarship awarded to me by HAI Group has always eased my worries. Thanks to HAI Group, I will be completing my final year of my undergraduate study and continuing onto graduate study afterward. I’m unsure if I would still be attending St. John’s University without their generosity. Thank you."

Shateanu Bryant

Housing Authority of the City of Goldsboro, NC

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Major: Biology

Abizandra Burgos

Erie Housing Authority, PA

Gannon University
Major: Criminal Justice

Tania Castillo

Lincoln Housing Authority, NE

University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Major: TBD

Natasha Cross

Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority, VA

George Mason University
Major: Individualized Studies (MIS and HIT)

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"This scholarship will help my education because it will allow me to take additional courses per semester to reach my goal of obtaining my bachelor’s degree faster, as well as allow me to focus more on my studies without worrying about struggling financially to pay for school. Receiving this scholarship means the world to me because it is truly a blessing in helping make my academic dreams and career goals come true."

Josie Dardinski

Needham Housing Authority, MA

University of New Hampshire
Major: Life Science and Agriculture

Zion Dean

Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority, VA

Virginia State University
Major: Criminal Justice

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"This scholarship helped my education tremendously coming from a household of 5. It's been hard to save up and be financially stable for school. By getting this scholarship it allowed me to breathe, it was a weight taken off of my shoulder. This scholarship means a lot to me, I was in school thinking how could I pay for college? How could I afford college? How will I be able to be financially stable, get an education and play football. Football has taken me far but I was not good in the classroom. I couldn’t pick up offers due to the lack of grades. I was in my classroom motivated to become great with no help, the scholarship allowed me to go to school for free, play football without working, and also be able to give back to my community and show it’s possible to be a young black male and be successful pass these streets."

Darvin Duffield

Seattle Housing Authority, WA

Gene Juarez Academy-Federal Way
Major: Cosmetology Program

Alaiyjah Gates

Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles, CA

California State University, Los Angeles
Major: TBD

Nialah Gibbs

Newport News Housing Authority, VA

Thomas Nelson Community College
Major: Social Science

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"I count this scholarship as a tremendous blessing towards my education. This opportunity makes me more determined to stay focused in school to achieve success for a greater positive impact on the communities."

Danette Heiserman

Lincoln Housing Authority, NE

Southeast Community College
Major: Early Childhood Education

Tiera Horton

Oakland Housing Authority, CA

Contra Costa Medical Career College
Major: Surgical Technology Certificate Program

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"I couldn’t be more excited to be a winner of the 2020 resident scholarship. I feel like it is a huge sign that I am on the right path. As a result of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and quarantine my hours reduced at work, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to catch up with tuition payments. This scholarship has lifted a heavy weight off my shoulders. Thank you so much to the Resident Scholarship Program. "

Teresa Long

Denver Housing Authority, CO

Community College of Denver
Major: Business Admin-Management

Lamekia Mervin

Boston Housing Authority, MA

Northeastern University
Major: Leadership

Andrew Nealley

Wayland Housing Authority, MA

Santa Clara University
Major: Arts and Sciences

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"This scholarship lets me attend a school with an abundance of resources and professors that guarantee both my personal growth, and an extensive career preparation. I would not be able to afford to otherwise. As someone who lives and depends on affordable housing, this scholarship gives me the opportunity to reach a career that will allow me to take myself, and my family, out of affordable housing, so that I can contribute to the funds and infrastructure to support those who will need it like I have. This scholarship, to me, means the eventual gift of self-sufficiency, but more importantly, the ability to help others like this scholarship has helped me."

Miracle Nelson

Atlanta Housing Authority, GA

Middle Georgia State University
Major: Criminal Justice

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"Being a recipient of this scholarship means a lot to me. It’s a good feeling to know that somebody wants to see you do good and believes in you. Receiving this scholarship pushes me to my full potential because I know I’m not in this alone. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. It has driven me to be more than a statistic."

Idia Osage

Boston Housing Authority, MA

University of Massachusetts - Boston
Major: Exercise and Health Sciences

ReAna Thompson

Atlanta Housing Authority, GA

University of South Carolina
Major: Social Work

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"This scholarship means a lot to me. It taught me to grow, level up & be patient."
"Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” - Zig Zagler

Venus Young

Boonton Housing Authority, NJ

Rutgers University
Major: Political Science

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"This scholarship will help my education by helping me continue my education. The cost of continuing education is almost equal to the cost of living, which makes it hard to continue and advance your educational goals once you have a family and employed. Receiving this scholarship helps to relieve the financial burden of choosing to continue my education and closer to graduation."
"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence + Character - that is the goal of true education. " - Dr. MLK Jr.

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