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Protect Your Organization From Cyber Threats

Your organization is more vulnerable than you realize, especially with an increasingly remote workforce. Cybercriminals attack housing organizations with alarming frequency, using discreet and difficult-to-detect methods to access private systems and confidential data.

Ready to go on the offensive against cyber threats? Contact an account manager to learn about our cyber liability policy and additional coverage options, and download our free resources below to share with your organization.

"Stopping all online crime is not a realistic goal, but simple steps can massively reduce the likelihood you'll be the next victim."
—Richard Moore, Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) and HAI Group's virtual information security officer

Ransomware Attacks on the Rise

It's in the name. Ransomware is malware that encrypts files, rendering them unusable unless you pay a ransom. Learn how to identify and prevent ransomware attacks.

The Science of Cyber Threats

Cybercriminals base their tactics on science, making it more difficult for employees to identify threats. Learn how your organization can combat social engineering.

The Benefits of Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication makes it harder for cybercriminals to access your computer systems an information. Learn more about this powerful security tool.

Mitigating Your Cyber Risk

Learn how to prepare your organization for emerging cyber threats by watching HAI Group's 2020 panel discussion on cyber and information security awareness in housing.

Cybersecurity Training

Take advantage of HAI Group Online Training to learn how to assess your organization's cyber risk management approach and train employees to identify and avoid attacks.

HAI Group has you Covered

Our cyber liability policy is in place to protect your organization, but you may need additional coverage. Get in touch today to learn about your options.