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HAI Group understands the importance of education in helping to lift families out of poverty. So in 2005, our board led an initiative to help housing residents pay for their secondary education. Since then, HAI Group has awarded more than $1,200,000 in scholarships to over 430 public and affordable housing residents.

This year, twenty scholarship recipients received $6,000 each to use toward their 2019 fall semester classes.

HAI Group member Seattle Housing Authority found a way to leverage the program to further help their residents:

“Education is a proven and effective pathway out of poverty and the Seattle Housing Authority is investing resources in helping young people achieve their goals,” said SHA Executive Director Andrew Lofton. “We believe in our youth and in giving them every opportunity to succeed. We have dedicated youth engagement staff who encouraged graduating high school students to apply for the 2019 Resident Scholarship Program through HAI Group, and our CFO and Risk Control Manager put their heads together on how we could bolster that support and reward all of the applicants.

Thanks to our partnership with HAI Group, we were able to find a way to commit additional funds. HAI Group is dedicated to supporting the affordable housing community and we were able to join efforts and add $2,500 to the already generous HAI Group scholarship and also divide an additional $2,500 among the remaining nine applicants to help them with tuition and books.

Any time we see an opportunity to support the educational goals of students in our SHA families, we will jump on it. HAI Group has been a great partner over the years and has helped make a difference in the success of many young people at SHA and housing authorities across the country.”

HAI Group will announce its 2020 Resident Scholarship Program January. Don’t miss it! Sign up to receive alerts or email us at scholarship@housingcenter.com.

Congratulations to our 2019 scholarship recipients!