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HAI Group has two new programs you won’t want to miss! Designed to help you mitigate risk, promote a culture of safety within your organization, and save money, they include:

  • Preventable Loss Management (PLM). Looking for even more ways to protect your residents and your property? Our PLM program is designed to do just that—and it’s customized to fit your organization. (It’s also free!) It starts with a series of questions tailored for your organization. Then, our experienced team reviews your answers and loss history to design a customized risk management plan. We’ll share our recommendations, walk you through the steps, and keep in touch through our easy-to-use online portal as you complete each activity to answer any questions. Protecting your assets has never been easier! To get started, simply contact your risk control consultant.
  • Loss Prevention Fund. Cooktop fire suppressors, automatic sprinklers, surveillance systems, and the like are great investments—and can soon be less of a drain on your budget. That’s because HAI Group is setting aside up to $1 million each year (based on a percentage of our net profit after taxes and dividends) to reimburse you for these and other risk management-related purchases. All you have to do is apply between March 1, 2020, and May 30, 2020. Applications are scored by our management team based on a predetermined scoring system (your identifying information is removed), and awards are announced in late summer. Be sure to check your email for more information.