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Both HAI Group and Elizabeth Owens, our director of risk control and consulting, were recognized for leadership efforts in advanced enterprise risk management at the 2019 LogicManager IMPACT Conference. While HAI Group has long recognized the importance of a sound enterprise risk management program, this is the first year we’ve received an award for our efforts from LogicManager and The Risk Management Society (RIMS) as part of their Risk Maturity Model (RMM) Recognition Program.

HAI Group’s ERM program creates a consistent, standardized, and scalable approach to risk management. Risks are identified and assessed based on uniform criteria, and then evaluated against the organization’s risk appetite. Throughout 2019, under Elizabeth’s leadership, HAI Group made significant strides in maturing our ERM program by focusing on standardizing our approach to the risk management cycle and ensuring that risk owners are well trained on these standards.

Looking to start your own ERM program to better protect your assets? HAI Group can help. Contact our Risk Control Department for more information.