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Community and Charity

Giving back to our community and the communities of our members is an integral part of who we are at HAI Group, which is why we have a team of employees dedicated to fulfilling this mission known as the Community and Resident Services team. We’d like to keep you involved an up to date on the work this team is doing.

Who is the team behind the charitable work at HAI Group and what is the mission of the team for 2018?

The Community and Resident Services team has been a fundamental part of HAI Group since the company’s inception. The team is made up of employees across the enterprise in different business units who meet regularly to plan the company’s fundraising events and charitable projects. This team has been a fundamental part of HAI Group since the company’s inception. HAI Group’s CEO, Ed Malaspina, is a large supporter of this team and the work that they do. “It is of utmost importance to the employees here that we give back to our community and stay connected to our mission. The Community and Resident Services team is the leader of this initiative, making them an integral part of our culture.”

The mission of the Community and Resident Services Team is to support local and national communities, through donations, service, and philanthropic project outreach with a primary focus on the affordable housing community.

What areas are impacted by the team’s projects and initiatives?

Two areas that the team largely impacts includes HAI Group’s members and policyholders and company culture.

The team’s foundation and drive are to give back to those in need and what better way to do that than by giving back to our members and policyholders in the community. An example of this is this year’s project for senior residents in housing. The team has been diligently working to identify local housing authorities that are in need and plans to have these housing authorities selected soon. Once selected, the team will work with them to identify their needs and how our company can support them through donations and on-site volunteer efforts by employees at HAI Group.

HAI Group’s culture is shaped by its employees, through our day to day work, the customers we serve, and our charitable efforts. The Community and Resident Services Team works together and with all levels of the organization to continuously embed philanthropy, workplace giving, and volunteerism into our company culture. This not only positively impacts performance but also attracts many people to work here.

What are some of the planned fundraisers for 2018?

All of this charitable work cannot be done without available funds. The Community and Resident Services Team develops and executes a range of fundraisers throughout the year to raise the money needed to accomplish the charitable projects we are working on. Some examples of our fundraising efforts include casual days, the annual department basket raffle, VIP parking spot auctions, and several delicious fundraiser luncheons.

What community charities have we given to so far this year?

The team also looks for ways to give back to the local and national community outside of public and affordable housing. Below are some of the places we have donated to this year:

  • The Plainville Community Food Pantry
  • Cheshire Half Marathon
  • Alzheimer’s Association
  • American Cancer Society
  • Children’s Wish Foundation
  • Special Olympics
  • Project Precious Rescue